Mandra Wabäck was born in 1970 in Stockholm, Sweden. She graduated from the Swedish School of Photography in 1989 and moved on to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where she graduated in 1994 from the audio-visual department. After several solo and group exhibitions in Holland and abroad, she decided to continue and explore filmmaking. In 1997 she got selected to the Dutch Film and Television Academy, where she graduated in 2001 as a film director.

Mandra works in Sweden and in the Netherlands as a freelance curator, photographer, visual artist, filmmaker and exhibition producer. Her focus is on contemporary art and art with a political connotation.


In 2015…

Mandra is curating two big exhibitions; on 5th of June ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ will open to the public in Amsterdam; a multi-disciplinary project that is focusing on new forms of exhibiting art. More than 15 participating artists, art collectors, radio-makers and co-curators will shape their ideas around the theme in their own ways. The exhibition will take place in one of the most beautiful galleries in the city; Arti et Amicitiae at the Rokin 112.

ARTISTS IN RESIDENCY: Kasper Jacobs & Frank Koolen, Eddie the Eagle Museum, Maze de Boer, Roos van Haaften, Feiko Beckers
GUEST CURATORS: Rianne Groen & Alexander Ramselaar, Artblogger Niek Nendrix / Lost Painters
ART RADIO: Moritz Ebinger en Hans Kuiper



In October 2015 the photo exhibition ‘Our 80’s’ will open to the public in Stockholm. The exhibition is focusing on political empowerment, Stockholm and punk during the years 1985-1989. The show will include black and white photographs, film recordings, archive press material and talk shows.

The exhibition will open on October 24, 2015 in Stockholm.

Mandra Wabäck ockupation av Klevgränd 1988-2